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Binance / Stake - Crypto guide



Setting up and buying your first crypto coins:

  • Start off by going to
  • Register on the site.
  • Navigate to your wallet, click the tab called “fiat and spot”. (on mobile click on your profile icon, then 'Wallet', and then 'Fiat and Spot')
  • You will see a list of crypto assets that you are able to purchase.
  • For gambling, we would recommend LTC / Litecoin which has the same use case as Bitcoin but with less trading fees.
  • Use preferred payment method.
  • After your purchase, it should not take long until the crypto is in your wallet.


Transfer your crypto.

  • From Binance dashboard, click the “withdrawal” tab.
  • Jump over to your account. Navigate to > Account > Wallet.
  • In this case we shall select the LTC wallet address from the drop-down menu.
  • Copy your LTC/Litecoin address.
  • Whilst on the Binance withdrawal page, make sure to enter the coin that you wish to send, paste the Stake wallet address and select LTC network if sending Litecoin.


If you want to purchase and send more than 2 Bitcoins, you need to make your account secure

  • From your profile icon, go to the security page.
  • Then select verify.
  • Send in ID and proof of address documents accordingly.

Whilst waiting for your documents to be processed, you should still be able to purchase and send up to 2 Bitcoins or an equivalent amount in other crypto assets