Introduction to casino bonuses

When online casinos offer something extra, like additional cash for your first deposit or free spins at online slots, it’s called a casino bonus. Online casino bonus is probably the most significant feature for choosing the best online casino to register at. 
Online casinos focus on the bonuses so much that they put their special offers on the most visible place on the website. In fact, casino bonuses are the ones that draw the attention of any casino player first. Not only that, but online casino bonuses are beneficial for boosting funds in your online casino wallet.
Usually, there are two main types of bonuses: deposit and no-deposit. All bonuses and promotions are placed on the casino operator’s site. Just don’t forget that every bonus offer has its terms and conditions. To get the best and the most solid promotion, reading terms of a specific bonus offer is a must. 
If you are a new player, look for the casino operator with the best bonus offer. But... (there’s always a but). While the bonus might look good enough, terms and conditions can appear tricky. On PlayAware, we seek to provide correct and useful information about the best online casino bonuses to date.

Welcome bonus package for new players

Every new or existing casino player often looks for online casinos that offer a generous deposit bonus. Finding the best bonus offer usually takes time, considering how many casino operators are online. And yet, it is worth investing your time as the best deposit bonus can give a huge boost to your start.
There are simple reasons why online casinos offer generous welcome bonus packages. First, they want you to choose their casino room over their competitors, and second, they think by playing with bonus money, you will stay there long enough to become their loyal client. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the bonus offers are generous.
Then again, nothing comes for free. While each online casino wants your loyalty, it doesn’t mean that they will give you free money so easily. Before claiming that meaty sign-up bonus, always read the terms and conditions!

Deposit and No-Deposit bonuses

As mentioned before, basically, there are two main types of bonuses: deposit and no-deposit. While each of them can give you a decent start, there are few crucial differences worth mentioning.

First, let’s talk about the most common bonus type – deposit bonus. To get a bonus, you need to deposit a specific amount of real money into your online casino wallet. Let’s look at two examples: 
Example 1. Deposit at least €10 with bonus code BONUS10 and get an extra €10 for any casino game.
Sometimes you will be asked to enter a specific bonus code. In this way, a combination of bonus code and deposited an amount of money will give you an extra €10 to gamble with.

Example 2. Get a 100% bonus up to €100 on your first deposit.
Sometimes online casinos write what an extra percentage of the deposited funds you get. It means that if you deposit €100, then you will get €200 in total to play with.

Another type of casino bonus is a no-deposit bonus. The name itself suggests that to enable the bonus, you don’t need to deposit real money. To put it simply, the online casino gives you free cash to play in their room, but since it’s free money, only a few online casinos offer this casino bonus. And if they do, no-deposit bonuses are usually low in value.
Often online casinos offer free spins on various slots as a bonus feature. Don’t miss out on the offer as it is a great chance to try different online slots!


In this segment, you learned about three types of bonuses: sign-up, deposit, and no-deposit bonuses. Each special offer comes as a great financial boost for new and existing casino players. Remember that every casino operator can come up with a unique bonus offer. Just read the instructions carefully, and you will discover what they are offering.
On PlayAware, you will find dozens of online casino reviews with the best and the most accurate bonus offers. The selection of the highest bonus offers is always up to date. Thus you can be assured of the validity of every offer you come by. 
In every online casino review, we provide accurate and comprehensive information about terms and conditions each casino bonus carries along. If you found a valuable bonus offer, always check its requirements!
Wagering is another essential term associated with bonuses. Jump to the next guide for more information about wagering.