Introduction to deposit

The time has come to learn the most responsible lesson – real money deposits. If you decided that now is the time to add real money into your online casino wallet, reading this guide should be the first thing to do. To get the best experience and avoid negative consequences, you need to be very responsible when setting up your payment options. 
While some people may think storing your money into the casino’s cashier is inconvenient and insecure, the truth is rather the opposite. Today’s online casinos use complex security mechanisms to ensure the safety of your funds. And the good news is that funding your online casino account is as fast and secure as buying a ticket to a concert. 
On PlayAware, we seek to provide all the information about various deposit methods. By following our guide, you will discover your most trusted payment solution. You will also get to know that it’s possible to manage the deposit limit, which will help to avoid losses you didn’t plan.

Types of deposit methods for online casinos

One of the most exciting things with deposits is that online casinos offer a large variety of deposit methods. Whether you are an old-fashioned bank transfers devotee or a persistent user of e-wallets, they will accept every deposit method. However, you should always double-check if a certain casino accepts your preferred deposit method. The best way to do that is by checking our online casino reviews.
Probably the most popular deposit method in the world is credit and debit cards. You will not find an online casino that will not offer that payment method. If you have a credit or debit card issued by one of the banks, don’t worry, online casinos have got you covered. Worth to mention that not all casino websites accept all types of cards. Usually, Visa and Mastercard are among the most popular. By using this payment method, the deposit processing time is instant.
The second method that grabs the spotlight in the world of payments is virtual wallets. You probably have heard such names like Skrill or Neteller. Those are the most familiar brands of e-wallets, and their popularity is growing every day. If you are not familiar with it, e-wallets are online payment systems that highly resemble an online bank account. The main advantage over traditional banks is that you can create an account extremely fast and easy.
If you are generating substantial income and gambling with significant amounts is not a problem for you, or maybe you prefer not to fill out your sensitive financial information online – Bank Transfer is the solution for you. The main disadvantage of this deposit method is that payment processing time can take up to ten working days.
As for the most exciting part, some casinos allow making deposits by using cryptocurrencies!

Making a deposit

From the last lesson, you learned what are the main deposit methods in the online casino rooms. If you are ready to move from theory to practice and make your first deposit at the online casino, follow the steps below. Just keep in mind that every online casino has its policy towards deposit methods.
In case you are still searching for the best online casinos, check our list of best online casinos here. Anyway, the first step for the deposit should be to enter the cashier or click directly on the deposit button. In most cases, you must first enter the amount of money you want to deposit and then select the deposit method from the drop-down list. The selected money source will be used for withdrawals as well. Therefore, choose the deposit method thoroughly. 
After that, you will be redirected to a new window (of the payment provider you selected earlier), where you should follow the steps to finish the process. Money should reach your online casino wallet shortly!


Nowadays, online casinos offer a great variety of deposit methods. Each of the payment methods is secure, convenient, and innovative. When deciding to deposit real money into your casino wallet, they will guarantee you complete freedom in choosing the best deposit method. 

Also, most online casinos even offer a possibility to manage your deposits by setting the deposit limit. By pre-determining the deposit amount as your maximum deposit, you could avoid adverse consequences when gambling online. We recommend doing that before you start playing online casino games so you don’t end up spending the money you cannot afford.

After completing the guide, you discovered various deposit methods you can choose from. You also learned step by step how to make your first deposition. Now let’s move on to the next guide – withdrawals.