Introduction to wagering

What is wagering?

Casinos attract both new and existing players to their gaming sites by offering generous bonuses. And every special offer has terms and conditions where wagering is one of the main requirements implemented in most of the bonus offers. 
But what does wagering mean? Basically, it means taking part in gambling activity by betting on either casino game, an online slot, sports, poker, or other table game to fulfill bonus offer requirements. 
But why do I need to wager anything? Online casinos don’t just give you a bonus with extra money so that it can be instantly converted into cash. It wouldn’t be good for the business. Instead, they offer you a deal: we give you extra money, but to withdraw it, you need to place bets until wagering requirements are met. To learn how it works in practice, see lesson 2.
But can I withdraw the money anyway and pay it back later? Usually, when a bonus is credited, a certain amount gets frozen in your balance until you complete the wagering requirements.

How does wagering work?

To answer the question above, we will look at three examples of different wagering requirements for different bonus offers.

Example 1. 100% deposit bonus, up to €100 with a wagering requirement of x30 bonus
In this case, the online casino site offers a bonus of 100%, meaning that if you deposit €100, you will get an extra €100. But here appears a number of times (x30) you need to wager your new bonus. Let’s put variables in the equation: €100 x 30 = €3000. And here it is! Before you can withdraw the money, you need to place bets for €3000.

Example 2. 100% deposit bonus, up to €200 with a wagering requirement of x15 bonus + deposit
Let’s look at the second example: now you can be eligible for up to €200, meaning that if you deposit €200, you will get an extra €200. As for wagering, now you will have to wager both bonus and deposit money 15 times. Back to the equation: (€200 + €200) x 15 = €6000. You need to place bets for €6000 to meet wagering requirements.

Example 3. 100% deposit bonus, up to €100 + 200 Extra Spins on the popular slot Gonzo’s Quest with a wagering requirement of x30 bonus 
As in the first example, you need to place bets for €3000. But there is a catch of 200 extra spins, which also counts as a bonus. Thus everything you win by playing Gonzo’s Quest needs to be wagered. For example, you used 200 extra spins and won €20. The wager amount is €20 x 30 = €600. So the total amount to place bets for is €3600.

Comparing wagering requirements

As you may already know, different online casino sites offer different casino bonuses. While some casino operators can come up with up to €1500, others offer just €100 bonus in funds. When choosing the best online casino bonus, pay attention to wagering requirements. 

The terms and conditions section of the specific bonus is the place where you should look for information about wagering. When comparing wagering requirements of a different online casino bonus offers, always look for a certain number of times you need to wager. The smaller the number is, the fewer times you need to bet on a specific casino game until you can withdraw the money. Figures can vary from 20x to 75x etc.

Don’t forget that the fulfillment of bonus wagering requirements starts as soon as the bonus amount is credited to your online casino wallet. Different online casinos offer different wagering time. It can vary from 3 days to 10 days.

How to beat wagering requirements?

In the last lesson, you learned what wagering is, how its requirements are being set and calculated. In this part you will discover the best strategies to fulfill wagering requirements faster and convert that juicy bonus into cash. Then again, knowing how online casinos love catches, always take the following into account when looking for the best wagering strategy.
Catch 1. Usually online casinos forbid placing a maximum bet of a needed wager amount. If you need to wager €3000, you cannot put one bet for €3000 and instantly fulfill the wagering requirement. Instead, the maximum bet you can place is usually between €3 – €10. Of course, you can rely even on smaller bets until wagering requirements are met.

Catch 2. Different online casino games have different contributions to the wagering requirements. It means that by playing various casino games, you will encounter different given odds.
For example, online slot machines have the RTP (Return To Player) rate. It determines what percentage of payouts the slots give back to the players over a long period. While RTP can vary from 92% to 98%, it doesn’t mean that slots will give you payouts on these percentages every play session. You still can get unlucky and get nothing back. By checking the info tab on the slot game, you will discover that some slots have better RTP than others.
Logically, the best way to beat wagering requirements is to play games with better odds. If wagering requirements are high, then it should be a good idea to play more aggressively and choose slots with a better RTP rate. But casinos know that as well! So, when you play to meet wagering requirements, unfortunately, some slots might not be available for you.

Don’t forget to check terms and conditions, because often online casinos don’t allow you to choose games with best odds and the best RTP rate to beat wagering recruitments faster. If you’re unsure what game to play, you can always contact the customer support.


In this guide, you learned about one of the most important requirements online casinos include with their special bonus offers – wagering. Now you know that casinos won’t give you the bonus money for free. Instead, you must complete the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw any winnings from bonus money. 
You also explored how wagering works in practice by analyzing a few examples. It should be clear now that different online casinos set different requirements. And if you find a casino site that offers a truly juicy bonus, always check its wagering requirements. If you want to know more details about various casino offers, check our assortment of casino reviews. In each review, you will find everything you need to know about the bonus offers in different online casino sites.
And if you are thinking of beating wagering requirements faster, always know that online casinos have a few catches we discussed in lesson 4.