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Making your first withdrawal? This is what you need to know.

Introduction to withdrawal

We already talked about how to deposit money, now let’s talk about the more pleasant operation – cash-out. The process where you transfer the money from online casino to your account is called withdrawal. 

Whether you decided that it’s enough playing casino games, or you just hit a huge win, you can cash-out your money (unless you have an active bonus with a wagering requirement). After all, it is your money, and you should be able to manage it however you want. The good news is that money withdrawal is a simple process, and if you have already made a real money deposit (by using your preferred method), withdrawal becomes available in just a few clicks. 

Although there is one critical thing to do before you can make withdrawals – you must verify your account. Usually, account verification is done by providing a copy of the passport or national ID card to the online casino you are playing at. Don’t worry – this is a legal requirement for all licensed online casinos.

Worth to mention that the verification process might take some time. We advise getting your account verified as soon as you register at the online casino. It will ensure future withdrawals to be smoother.

Ways to withdraw money

Usually, when a player decides to take back his money, the online casino offers using the same method he had used for depositing. Also, the list of accounts to transfer funds should be the same. You can still use debit and credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers as your preferred payment method. But just in case, always double-check if there are no unsupported withdrawal methods in the specific online casino room.

While the methods are the same, there are still differences between the deposit and withdrawal process. First is the withdrawal amount limits. Some online casinos won’t allow you to withdraw a large amount of money, for example, €5000 in a single transaction. Second is the time limit. You might find casinos that will limit the number of withdrawals you can make within a specified period.

Both amount and time limits can be bypassed by distributing your money withdrawals over multiple periods.

How to withdraw money?

To begin with, open an online casino cashier, find a withdrawal option, and click on it. You will be asked to select the account where the money should be transferred to. In case you have already made a deposit, online casino saved your bank’s or e-wallet account for further usage.

That means if you are fine with the selected payments method and account, you can request a withdrawal by entering the amount of money. Once the request is placed, there is a possibility to cancel it and start the withdrawal process all over.

Most of the money deposits are instant, but with withdrawal, it can take up to a couple of days. Of course, it depends on which method you are using. With credit or debit cards, it might take 3-5 days. As for e-wallets, payments can be processed within minutes. 

The good news is that some online casinos perform withdrawals not only on business days but on weekends as well.
It’s necessary to mention that some online casino operators charge a small fee for every withdrawal. Therefore, plan your withdrawals responsibly!


Now you have learned how easily you can withdraw your money from online casino rooms. You have discovered a few tips that will help you avoid unexpectedness when placing your first withdrawal. 

To avoid negative consequences, such as spending your savings, we advise using a different payment account for online gambling. As you have already learned in guide 4 about different deposit methods, you can easily create an online account for a virtual wallet. Then, by adding an e-wallet account to your preferable online casino cashier, you will be assured that you are carrying out deposit and withdrawal operations responsibly.