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About Us

If you are no stranger to the iGaming scene, you probably have already heard about ClassyBeef. 


We are not your average Twitch streamers. ClassyBeef Twitch channel went live in 2019, and since then has been one of the fastest-growing gambling channels. Apart from the rapid growth, and with 100.000 followers in its arsenal, ClassyBeef is the second most viewed channel in the dedicated casino  section of the popular streaming platform. Additionally, ClassyBeef is a highly ambitious  iGaming marketing company that provides the best entertainment services in the online  gambling industry. We are actively expanding into other affiliate marketing verticals, by  featuring a list of trusted casino sites and their offerings on our website. 


Most importantly, we are a team of determined, like-minded individuals who came together to, with the help of our community, change the way people view the iGaming industry. It is our mission to promote responsible gambling and educate our community members on the ways to gamble, and how business is done in the gambling industry. We take pride in being far from the traditional iGaming company you come across these days.  We strive to innovate, differentiate ourselves from the boring bunch, and leave a mark  that no one else can. 



And our mission is possible

It is our mission to structurally change the mindset of people associated with the gambling industry. The way we see it, gambling is an activity that is paid for, just like any other entertainment, and by no means a way to make money. To achieve our mission, we focus on providing the best entertainment services to our customers, securing their wellbeing, and ensuring they gamble responsibly by educating them about gambling. Positivity, quality, innovation, and creative approach  are our key companions in achieving this mission. 


The iGaming industry still deals with a prejudice of negative implications. However, we believe that the future is brighter. We are dedicated to educating our community about responsible gambling, and we take this extremely seriously. Since we are committed to de-stigmatizing the iGaming industry, it is important that people start viewing gambling as a form of pure entertainment and relaxation, rather than a way of participating in a risky activity that has an ultimate goal of making money. 



We believe in, and cherish, what we do at ClassyBeef. We have an ambition to become the biggest iGaming company in the world, but this does not necessarily imply the quantity. We believe in the consistency, delivery, and quality of the service we deliver to our customers. This is exactly why we put the main focus on quality - both when it comes to our people, and our product. 


So, what makes a perfect ClassyBeef team member? To be the ideal fit for our community, you must be outrageously passionate about what you do, embody a team  spirit, and share our vision to change the iGaming industry forever. A ClassyBeef team  member puts the customer first and understands the importance of responsible  gambling. We go out of our way to spread positivity in our community, because we believe that putting the well-being of our customers first only increases the sense of belonging, providing much more significant overall experience. 


We put our customers first! And this is not just an appealing catchphrase. We have built a user-friendly website where we feature links to the most reputable and trusted casino operators in the industry that carry the ClassyBeef "approval" stamp. Our community can browse through the existing offerings, and discover valuable information on the latest casino bonuses going around. If you're still unsure, you can contact our dedicated support team who is there for you 24/7 via our live chat function on the website. Our support team acquires great knowledge of gambling and our website content, and will promptly help our customers reach positive resolutions. As we put emphasis on responsible gambling, our support team is always ready to assist you in case you suspect that you or someone you know has a gambling issue, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via live chat. Our agents will not only have a meaningful and supportive conversation, they will also refer you to a responsible gambling body that can offer you professional advice or treatment. 


At ClassyBeef, We take pride in being risk-takers who identify opportunities to innovate. We believe that the lack of innovation leads to stagnation, and for us, this is not an option. Our team is packed with individuals who believe in our mission, want to evolve with us, and contribute to changing the way people view the gambling industry.  



While we understand that success and growth might sometimes lead to the detachment from initial visions and ideas, we are dedicated to maintaining our image, which is being classy and humble, and always speaking the language of our audience. 


We take a lot of pride in rising to number two when it comes to viewership numbers in the gambling streaming section on Twitch in just a few months, however, this is not our main goal. We are dedicated to becoming the best iGaming company in the world, and a huge part of that is to give back to our community, and use our platform for a great cause. We believe that having achieved so much success in such a short amount of time has proved that our mission is realistic, and we will keep working towards that goal.