About Us

Who we are


We are a team of youthful and determined individuals who came together to, with the help of our community, change the way people view the iGaming industry. It is our mission to promote responsible gambling and educate our community members on the ways to gamble, and how business is done in the gambling industry. 

We are the warriors who spend every waking hour de-stigmatizing and de-villainizing the gambling sector. When done responsibly, gaming is supposed to be fun, and that’s what we are here to show. 


What we do


ClassyBeef started streaming on Twitch in 2019, and still remains one of the fastest-growing gambling channels on the platform with over 100.000 followers. We are the second most viewed channel in our sector and we are working hard to grow our following even further to make a real change in the iGaming industry. 


Though we are currently putting emphasis on Twitch, ClassyBeef is far more than your average streamer. We are extremely dedicated to staying relevant and providing some of the best entertainment services in the online gambling industry. As an ambitious iGaming marketing company, ClassyBeef is constantly expanding into the affiliate marketing verticals, and we take pride in ensuring that we feature a list of highly trusted online casinos and their offerings on our website. 


We take pride in being risk-takers who are not afraid of being innovative, driven, and far from being a traditional iGaming company. At ClassyBeef, we put people first. The relationships we develop with our members are the driving force for our company. We care about the well-being of each individual and make sure to treat each customer with respect and integrity. Our community is full of positive, like-minded people who are gambling responsibly and purely for fun. We cannot wait to welcome new members to the ever-growing BeefGang!