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Why do we use cookies? 

  • To assist us with improving our services and letting people know about us, ClassyBeef uses monitoring technology. For all of our websites, ClassyBeef uses cookies, pixels, web beacons, files, tags, APIs and other monitoring technologies. Both of these innovations will be referred to collectively as cookies in this note. 
  • Cookies are installed on your computer so that we can gather information about you and your online actions, as well as about the device that you use. We do this so that our efficiency can be enhanced and the experience personalized.We also gather data on the use of our services, conduct analyses, provide content customized to your preferences, and administer services to our consumers, marketers, authors, clients, and partners using this information. We also allow third parties, as they offer these services to us, to gather information about you.
  • We place cookies when our websites are viewed or accessed by you. ClassyBeef places some of these cookies, but we also allow selected third parties to put cookies on our websites, too. These are commonly used for targeting analytics, results and ads. Although we specify the information gathered and used by these cookies for the purposes for which we have employed these third parties, we have no influence over their additional use of the cookies or data collected by these cookies, and you can therefore check their privacy and cookie policy to understand how your information could be used.
  • Cookies can be saved either on our sites for the duration of your visit or for repeated visits. Some cookies, session cookies, last as long as your browser is open and when you close it expires. Others are known as permanent cookies that, unless you manually delete them from your browser, expire at a set point in time.


What types of cookies do we use? 

  • In order to provide you with the services you have ordered, certain cookies are important for us to use. These cookies are used to control the distribution of any web services needed by you and, if you may not accept these cookies, you will not be able to access the services as quickly as possible and you may not be able to obtain those services requested by you, such as entering protected parts of our websites or making online payments. These cookies do not collect information about you that could have been used for marketing purposes or to recall where you were on the site.
  • To remember your preferences on our websites (such as your crypto Name, language or the area you are in), we use functionality cookies to have upgraded, more specific functionality. If you remove these cookies from your account, please note that we will no longer be able to remember your preferences or to remember your login information or to provide you with the requested material.
  • We use web analytics such as Google Analytics, which is the Internet's most frequently used online analytics service. This information can be used by Google to assess the use of the website, to collect website activity reports for website managers and to include other resources related to website activity and internet use.
  • In order to include trends and user habits for market research, site/platform development and performance indicators, the data obtained will normally be aggregated. How many people access our websites, how many clients log in, how long they visit, and the parts of our websites and facilities are included in the sort of information we receive.


You can control the cookies from your browser.

  • Please check the browser support menu for relevant instructions if you wish to block cookies from your browser program. Unfortunately, some of the interactive functionality and some functionalities of our websites and our utilities can not be open to you if you want to block cookies. We encourage users of our websites and services to tolerate cookies from us for this purpose.
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